Where to Enjoy a Delicious Dinner in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is undoubtedly the place where you can enjoy some delicious dishes. Not only you will have lots of fun here but you will also enchant your taste buds. If you truly want to book a table in a very nice restaurant for you and your partner, then in this article we will present you which are the most popular places in this city for trying some incredibly delicious dishes.



Here, all the dishes are actually some amazing creations of Richard Ekkebus, a famous chef. Therefore, you should not be surprised if your meal will be not only extremely delicious but beautifully plated as well. The ingredients used are high-quality and very fine at the same time. That’s actually the secret for such amazing tastes. At Amber, you will have the opportunity to try some of the best French recipes, with modern touches and lovely Asian twists.

Bo Innovation

If you and your partner are visiting Hong Kong and you are wondering where to have dinner, then we highly recommend you Bo Innovation, a welcoming restaurant where you will feel super comfortable. Not only the comfort is appreciated here but the food as well. At Bo Innovation, culinary excellence abounds and the service is without a doubt beyond anything one ordinarily actually expects in this metropolitan city.

Islam Food

Plenty of locals come to this place for the amazing beef burgers, beef brisket noodles, and also the incredibly tasty lamb curry. Furthermore, another great advantage of Islam Food restaurant is that all the dishes, no matter their complexity, are quite affordable. This location must certainly be added to your to-do list in case you plan to visit Hong Kong.


Yardbird attracts customers not only from Hong Kong but from the surroundings as well. The restaurant is very popular for its several chicken dishes. If you love chicken and you want to experience some totally new dishes that contain this ingredient, then you should not hesitate and book a table at Yardbird.

Grand Hyatt Steakhouse

Are you a steak lover? If so, then you should not think about dining somewhere else but at the Grand Hyatt Steakhouse. The interior here is so welcoming that you will certainly want to spend as much time as possible with your loved one. Even though is the menu is quite simple, those several dishes are incredibly delicious.


We also want to mention this restaurant for anyone who wants to eat Italian in Hong Kong. If you love the Italian food and you really want to try it in this city as well, then Kytally is one of the best location for some wonderful culinary experiences. The open-kitchen space here will allow you to actually see how your dish is being cooked. Don’t forget to try an Italian wine with your dish, no matter if you choose pizza or pasta.


As you have read above in this article, there are some excellent restaurants in Hong Kong where you can spend a lovely evening and try several delicious dishes. Depending on what food you actually like you can choose one location or another. However, we are pretty sure that each of them will offer you a very nice experience.

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