Excellent Places for Desserts in Hong Kong

People generally love desserts and having one in a nice and comfortable location is actually one of the most relaxing things to do. Therefore, in case you are at the moment or you will soon be in Hong Kong, we will recommend you some excellent places for having the most delicious desserts ever. Check these restaurants out and add them to your to-do list.


Little Bao

One of the most amazing places for enjoying a delicious dessert in Hong Kong is without a doubt Little Bao. Here you will see tourists at all times because it is a very popular location in the city. However, it certainly has all the reasons to be on top because it offers some incredibly tasty sweets. What we recommend you to try at Little Bao are the truffle fries and the bao ice cream which comes with three different flavors, vanilla, salted caramel, and matcha. As a resume, here the bao ice cream and pork belly bao is definitely the bomb.


Carbone is another lovely place we recommend you to stop for a delicious dessert while you are in Hong Kong. You will also be able to enjoy some delicious Italian dishes, as the restaurant doesn’t only offers sweets. What we like about Carbone is that even though it offers food made with high-quality ingredients, it still has reasonable prices. The cheesecake here is absolutely exceptional and you must not miss it.

Oddies Foodies

Oddies Foodies is specialized in waffles which are undoubtedly amazing. Keep in mind to order one with a filling. The ice cream is also very tasty and with very unique flavors. This location is an excellent fusion of Hong Kong desserts and ice cream as well. It will be a memorable experience which you will certainly want to try again even if you are on diet.

Lab Made

The purple rice flavor at Vivien Leung is wonderful. The ice cream is also great, and it is actually created in an alternative way. Make sure you book a table at Lab Made because the location is very busy especially during weekends. We also want to mention that the staff from Lab Made is very lovely and professional.

Yee Shun Dairy Company

Hong Kong is a very big city and it has plenty of amazing locations where you can enjoy all sort of desserts. Yee Shun Dairy Company is one of them and highly appreciated by locals and tourists alike due to its delicious desserts. Yee Shun is specialized in steamed milk and steam egg desserts. The ginger steamed milk custard with a mango smoothie and butter French toast is the ideal dessert which will surely make you come back to this place quite often.


A dessert can make us feel extremely happy no matter how sad or stressed we are. That’s why it is recommended that from time to time experience some delicious recipes, especially when we are on holiday. For at least a few days forget about your diet and just enjoy what Hong Kong has to offer in terms of desserts. Choose any of the above locations and you will surely not regret it.

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